About Physics Department
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    Dr. Sree Ramachandra Murty Kokkiragadda, M.Sc (Tech)., M.Phil., Ph.D.
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    Associate Professor &Head, Chairperson, Board of Studies
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Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines whose applications form the basis of many technological advances known to us. The department of Physics is located in the beautiful building of Sir Visweswaraiah Bhavan, GITAM campus, Visakhapatnam. Since its inception in 1980, the department has been aiming at consolidating and broadening the understanding of its students in basic concepts of Physics. This is done through a suitably designed curriculum spread over two semesters, strengthening the foundation for the subsequent engineering courses. The department is known for its excellence in teaching and commitment to research activities.

The department is structured with good laboratories containing sophisticated instruments for students to perform the experiments within the academic schedule. Apart from GITAM central library, the department has a library with over a thousand books.

Research is carried out in frontier areas like Materials science, Solid State Physics, Space Physics, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Transport Phenomena and Geophysics. The department offers various full-time and part-time doctoral programs. The faculty members of the department have published good number of research articles in peer reviewed national and international journals.

The department has research laboratories for faculty and scholars equipped with instruments like Impedance analyser, High energy planetary ball mill, Muffle Furnaces, Bartington susceptibility instruments etc.

Majority of the faculty members in the department have individual major and minor research projects funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) and University Grant Commission (UGC).