Research profile of the department:

The research in the Department is concentrated mostly in three thrust areas namely Nanotechnology, Condition Monitoring and Metal cutting, while Supply Chain Management, Material science and Tribology have also evolved into areas of research.

The Department has acquired research projects from Government agencies such as the DRDO, DST, HPCL etc. and consultancy works from industries such as DRDO, Vizag steel, ApituitLaurus, Flash Forge and other companies in and around Visakhapatnam.

Major research in the department can be classified as follows:
Thrust areasOther areas
Industrial applications of NanotechnologyComposite materials 
Nano tribologyMetal matrix composites
Nanofluids for Heat Transfer Enhancement Polymer matrix composites
Nano coatingsNano coatings
NanocompositesSupply chain management
Condition monitoringTribology  
Vibration analysis Fluid film bearings
 Structural health monitoringRotor film bearings 
 Metal Cutting 
Tool Wear 
Surface textural analysis 

The Department places high emphasis on research with R & D and Consultancy projects. Some of the major projects are listed below:

Ongoing research projects (2.90 Crores)
Name of the InvestigatorResearch project detailsProject value
(Rs. In lakhs)
Title of the projectOrganization
Dr S. Kamaluddin &
Dr. V. Srinivas
Development of Coatings based on Nano Technology for IC engine applicationsVRDE, DRDO90.2
Dr. R.R. SrikantDevelopment of Self Lubricating drill toolsDST24.68
Dr. V. SrinivasHeat Transfer Studies  on Automotive CoolantsHPCL35.58
Dr. V. SrinivasApplication of Nano Particle Additive Dispersion Lubricants  in Automotive  Engine SystemsHPCL36.18
Dr B S N MurthyDamage identification of mechanical systems using optimization strategiesDST26.4
Dr. V. SrinivasHeat Transfer Studies  on Coolants in  Military Vehicle EnginesCVRDE25.58
Dr. YVVSN Murthy  & Dr. M.R.S. Satyanarayana Experimental Investigations of nano metallic fuel additives on combustion, performance and engine vibrations of variable C.I. engine fuelled with Diesel and Biodiesel Diethylether blends DST51.85
Consultancy (26.9 Lakhs)
Name of the InvestigatorConsultancy detailsProject value (Rs. In lakhs)Status
Project detailsOrganizationYear
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Theoretical estimation of heat transfer coefficient in two phase flows in condenser in semi- closed cycleNSTL,
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Mathematical modeling of open cycle thermal engine for under water applicationNSTL,
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Theoretical Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Linz-Donawitz Converter hood and stack heat exchangerVizag Steel Plant20062.5Completed
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Theoretical study of semi-closed cycle system including sensitivity analysis to optimize performanceNSTL,
& Dr. Y.V.V.S.N.Murthy
Design of safety valves for chemical reactors against firing as per API 520 RPAptituid Laurus
Dr M.R.S. Satyanarayana
& Sri.M.Ram Mohan Rao
Modeling and analysis of acoustic transducer with PU materials for DecoysNSTL,
Dr V. Srinivas
&  Prof. P.K.Sarma
Analysis and Simulation of Radiator and Oil Cooler for use in Unmanned Aircraft EnginesVRDE, DRDO   Ahmednagar20107.88completed
Research projects completed (42.25 Lakhs)
Name of the InvestigatorResearch project detailsProject value (Rs. In lakhs)
Title of the projectOrganizationYear
Dr.M.R.S. Satyanarayana
& Dr C.V.Naidu
Machinery faults on modern diagnostic approaches funded by UGCUGC20076.27
Dr.V. Srinivas
Dr S. Kamaluddin
Dr. R.R.Srikanth
Dr. V.Sai srikanth
Effect of nano particle inclusion on the lubricating properties of lubricantsHPCL200726.5
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Evaluation of Heat Transfer and other Transport Characteristics of Nano Fluids in Circular TubesNSTL,
Prof. P.k.Sarma
& Dr.V. Srinivas
Estimation of Transient and Steady state Temperature distribution in Turbine Rotor BladesNSTL, Vizag20104.53
Research projects sanctioned under UGC Schemes
Principal InvestigatorTitle of projectFunding agencyAmount in lakhs
Dr. Ram TuragaA study on the influence of micro texturing on the performance of hydrodynamic bearingUGC4.3 Lakhs
Dr. M.V.Timma RajuDevelopment of a polymer nanocomposite with enhanced fatigue strengthUGC8.13 Lakhs
Smt .M AmritaMist application of nano cutting fluids to machining operationUGC1.75 Lakhs

The Department faculty publishes books in wide areas of Mechanical Engineering with reputed publishers. Few of them are listed below:

Books/Monographs published by faculty members
S.NoTitle of the bookAuthorPublisher & ISBN
1.Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS 11.0Sri. Paleti SrinivasPrintice hall of India,ISBN: 9788120341081(2010)
2.Damage Identification of Mechanical Systems using Genetic AlgorithmsDr. BSN MurthyLAMBERT Academic Publishing, GERMANY
ISBN: 978-3-8443-2482-2
3.Damping Behavior of Rice husk ash reinforced Metal Matrix Composites- An Experimental Approach,Dr. D. Siva PrasadLambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-659-19061-2
4.Optimal Trajectory for path Constraint Motion of a planar manipulator Using Genetic Algorithms.Dr. D. Siva PrasadLambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-659- 20438-8
5.Optimization of Machining System: By Application of Adaptive Control PrinciplesDr. B. Srinivasa PrasadLAMBERT Academic Publishing, GERMANY
ISBN13:9783838377605 (2010)
6.Measurement of Cutting Tool Condition by Surface Texture Analysis: Based on Image Amplitude Parameters of Machined Surfaces - An Experimental ApproachDr. B. Srinivasa PrasadLAMBERT Academic Publishing, GERMANY
ISBN13:9783838373256 ( 2010)
7.DEVELOPMENT OF SIMULATION: For an adaptive control machining systemDr. B. Srinivasa PrasadLAMBERT Academic Publishing, GERMANY
ISBN13:9783838377896 (2010)
8.Selection of Optimal Lighting Conditions: For Effective Image Capture On Inclined Machined SurfacesDr. B. Srinivasa PrasadLAMBERT Academic Publishing, GERMANY
ISBN13: 783838375670(2010)