CSE - Infrastructure and achievements
  • Programming Laboratory
  • Advanced Programming Laboratory
  • Database Management Systems Laboratory
  • Web Technologies Laboratory
  • Open Source Systems Laboratory
  • Data Analytics Laboratory
  • Software Testing Laboratory
  • Digital Circuits Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Laboratory
  •  Dell PowerEdge R730 Rack Servers
  •  Dell PowerEdge R2950 Rack Servers
  •  HP Business PC 400G3 with Intel Core i5 Processor
  •  HP Business PC 400G3 with Intel Core i3 Processor
  •  Dell Optiplex 3020
  •  Dell Optiplex 790
Storage: EMC2 VNX5200 25TB
Firewall: Cisco ASA 5512 with DES

  •  VMware vCentre Server 6 Standard for vSphere 6  (Four Processor License)
  •  Xen
Licensed software:
  • IBM Rational Software Architect
  • IBM Rational Rose Suite
  • IBM Quality Manager & Functional Tester
  • IBM DB2 (Through IBM Centre of Excellence)
  • IBM Modeler  Professional with Text Miner
  • MATLAB2010b 50 User with 9 tool boxes
  • MATLAB 2014 100 user with 40 tool boxes
  • Microsoft Dream Spark Program
  • Keil (Embedded Systems Software)
  • Oracle 12c (Through Oracle Academy Program)
  • GITAM Intranet
  • Maintenance of Proxy Servers
  • GITAM Website, Mail Server
  • Online Examinations GATE/JEE/GAT/…
  • through TCSiON
  • Aadhar linking with various services, Govt. of AP.
Achievements of the department:

FIST: In recent years, scientific community has expressed great concern about the lack of infrastructure facilities for imparting good quality of higher education and conducting research in emerging fields of science and engineering. Several efforts have been made in past to strengthen research as well as teaching in carefully identified areas and university departments. These departments are now in a stage for further strengthening of their infrastructure to enhance their visibility both nationally and internationally. It has also become necessary to extend such infrastructure support to other higher technical educational institutions. Keeping all these factors in mind, a new scheme entitled “Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions-FIST” has been initiated

This cloud infrastructure setup provides an insight to the current technological advancements in the cloud area to the students, research scholars and faculty to experiment. This provides on-demand, self-service Internet infrastructure that enables the users to access computing resources anytime from anywhere. This large pool of easily usable and accessible virtualized resources can be dynamically reconfigured to adjust to available load for optimum resource utilization. This cloud infrastructure provides good application performance isolation using virtualization and delivers optimistic synchronization of parallel simulations in Cloud Computing environments.

DST – FIST   :  Rs. 73.00 Lakhs(50:50 DST:GU)
    Dell Rack Server R730 2U 4 Nos.
    2 x Intel Xeon 2660 v3 Processor 2.6 GHz,  FSB 2133 MHz
    Intel 610 Chipset
    128GB DDR4 RAM
    2133 MHz RDIMM ECC
    Dual-port 8Gbps Fibre Channel HBA
 VMWare vCloud Suite
EMC2 storage 25 TB on SAS

Research projects

Thrust areas: Data Mining, Image Processing

Name of the facultyProject titleFunding agencyGrants in INR lakhs
Prof . K. Thammi ReddyUsage of Data Mining Techniques in Design and   Development of Academic Audit System for Effective Teaching and Learning.UGC14.50
Prof.Y.RadhikaApplication of Data Mining Techniques for Weather Data Analysis.DST21.40
Prof. R.SireeshaNetwork Intrusion Detection for Sensitive DataDST33.01
Smt. B.SaiChandanaEvolutionary Algorithms for Classification of Remote Sensing Images.Computer Society of India(CSI)0.20
Ph.D awardees
S.NoName of the scholarName of the guideYear of award
1Mr. B Vijay KumarDr. D Rajya Lakshmi2013
2Mr. Murali Mohan VakaDr. J A Chandulal2013
3Ms. G LakshmeeswariDr. D Rajya Lakshmi2013
4Mr. ChSrinivasa KumarDr. J A Chandulal2013
5Ms. G Prasanna LakshmiDr. J A Chandulal2014
6Ms. ChBinduMadhuriDr. J A Chandulal2014
7Mr. K Nageswara RaoDr. D Rajya Lakshmi2014
8Mr. R V RamanacharyDr. D Rajya Lakshmi2014
9Mr. Shaik AkbarDr. Rajya Lakshmi2014
10Mr. Y VamsidharDr. Y Srinivas2014
11Mr. Sayed RaziuddinDr. D Rajya Lakshmi2014
12Mr. N Murali KrishnaDr. P V Lakshmi2014
13Mr. G Srinivasa RaoDr. J A Chandulal2014
14Mr. Mohmmad MubarakDr. G Appa Rao2015
15Ms. Y JahnaviDr. Y Radhika2015
16Mr. B Ravi PrasadDr. G Venkateswara Rao2015
17Mr. G A V R C RaoDr. P V Lakshmi2015
18Mr. Ch. Murali KrishnaDr. Y Srinivas2016
19Ms. R Kanaka DurgaDr. Y Radhika2016
20Mr.G. SriramDr. Y. Srinivas &
Dr. K. Thammi Reddy
21Ms. V. Mary SumalathaDr. S Vara Prasad Raju2016
22Mr. D. Rama KrishnaDr. PV Lashmi2016
23Mr. G. SatyanarayanaDr. P. Seetaramaiah2016
24Ms. ShameemAktharDr. D. Rajya Lakshmi &
Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar
25Mr. PB Srinivas AcharyuluDr. P. Seetaramaiah2016
26Ms. K. SujathaDr. PV Nageswara Rao2016
27Ms. J. Sirisha DeviDr. Y. Srinivas2016
28Mr. PR ViswanathDr. D. Rajya Lakshmi2016
29Mr. G. Vamsi KrishnaDr. Y. Radhika &
Dr. Y Srinivas
30Mr. K. Yogeswara RaoDr. PV Nageswara Rao2017
31Ms. D. SowjanyaLathaDr. PV Lakshmi &
Dr. Syed Samer Fatima