About Biotechnology Department
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    Dr. Shaik Khasim Beebi, M.Tech., Ph.D.
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    Professor-HOD, Chairperson, Board of Studies
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The department of Biotechnology was established in 2002 to train students for the emerging Biotechnology industry. Our department offers B.Tech. (Biotechnology), M.Tech.(Biotechnology), M.Tech.(Food processing technology) degrees and doctoral programmes. Our programs have been designed to train students in the engineering skills relevant for Biotechnology based industries as well as in the fundamentals of biological sciences, physical sciences and computational sciences. The strong emphasis on fundamentals enables flexibility of the curriculum at advanced stages. Students choose advanced electives based on their interest and the anticipated, rapidly changing requirements of the Biotechnology industry.

The major thrust areas of our department are Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Agricultural, Industrial, Marine and Environmental biotechnology. Our faculty and students participate in research of relevance to Biopesticides, Fruit juice storage technology, salinity and drought stress tolerance studies of crop plants, use of statistical modeling methods for bioprocess optimization and 3D cell culture. The results of our research are published in national and international journals, some of our research has been validated in field trials, and some of our research has served as the basis for a new industry.