Biotechnology - Infrastructure
A. Laboratories:
MicrobiologyFluid Mechanics & Mechanical Operations
BiochemistryChemical Reaction Engineering
Fermentation TechnologyHeat & Mass Transfer
Bioprocess EngineeringProcess Dynamics and Control
Pharmacology & Genetic EngineeringAnimal & Plant Cell Culture
Laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment worth about Rs.96.00 lakhs are accessible to the students for conducting experiments.
Bioprocess Engineering LaboratoryHeat & Mass Transfer Laboratory
Chemical Reaction Engineering LaboratoryPlant & Tissue culture Laboratory
The major equipment in the department include
Bioreactor – 5 LCO2 Incubator
Cross Flow FiltrationOrbital Shaking Incubator
PCRVertical Autoclave
Bio SpectrophotometerMillipore Water Purification System
Refrigerated CentrifugeUV Visible Spectrophotometer
Gel Documentation UnitCooling Centrifuge
Inverted Trinocular MicroscopeBiosafety Cabinet
B. Department library
The department library with reading facility to the faculty, students and research scholars is available for reference of text books, journals and e-books. In addition to the above, some additional reading materials like question banks, magazines etc are available.
Titles: 355
Books: 534
Educational CDs: 12