Biotechnology - Achievements
1. Our formulations
A. GITAM bio-trishul

Prof.Ch.Murali Mohan and colleagues in the department of Biotechnology, GITAM, developed an entomopathogenic fungal biopesticide based formulation for controlling insect pests in vegetable crops as a part of a major research project sanctioned by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), under rural innovation fund. The product named GITAM TRISHUL was released to the farmers for field trials. It was initially applied in 200 acres of agricultural fields in Visakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram districts. Based on the feedback from the farmers, the product was further improved, named as BIO-TRISHUL, and supplied to many farmers.

B. Cashew apple juice

Technology for preservation of cashew apple juice was developed by Dr.Uma Talasila, under the guidance of Prof.Sk. Khasim Beebi of department of Biotechnology, GITAM. This technology was the basis for a startup named Cajoose for commercial production of bottled cashew apple juice.

2. Projects
A. Projects completed
S.No.Principal InvestigatorProject titleFunding organization
1Prof. Ch. Murali MohanDevelopment of Entomopathogenic Fungal Biopesticide Formulations for Biological Control of Agricultural Crop Pests  (2010-12)NABARD
2Dr. D.S.MangalaRole of Noni fruit extract on oxidative stress induced cataract formation in lens epithelial cells (2011-16)WNRF
3Prof. K. Aruna LakshmiDevelopment of Piperine-Fe conjugates to increase the bioavailability of iron (2012-14)MOFPI
4Dr. I.Sarat BabuProcess optimization studies of heavy metal biosorption in a continuous flow packed-bed bioreactor using  marine yeast biomass of Yarrowia lipolytica (2012-15)DST
5Prof.Sk.Khasim Beebi & K V ChaitanyaOptimization of operational parameters for the extraction of thiamine from rice and wheat brans and enrichment of foods (2012-14)MOFPI (SERB)
6Dr. K.V.ChaitanyaStrategies for studying the salinity stress adaptations of different Coleus species (2012-15)DST
7R. Satyanarayana, Prof.K.Aruna Lakshmi & Prof.Ch.Rama Krishna, GISDevelopment of a three dimensional culture system to produce meat from chicken satellite cells (2013-15)MOFPI (DST)
8Dr.K.V.ChaitanyaStudies on the role of antioxidative defense mechanisms In deciphering drought stress tolerance in soybean (Glycine max (L) Merr.) (2012-15)DBT
9Prof. Ch. Murali MohanFinancial support under RIF – proposal for patenting Entomopathogenic fungal formulations (biopesticides) innovated under Phase I of the project and to set up Pilot Production Centre for Biopesticides in GITAM, Visakhapatnam district (2012-2014)NABARD
B. Ongoing projects
S.No.Principal InvestigatorProject titleFunding
1Dr. K.Aruna LakshmiDesign & Development of 3-Dimensional culture system for Foetal cells in maternal bloodDST
2Dr. R. SatyanarayanaRole of matrix metalloproteinases and chemokines in prostate cancer stem cell mediated metastasisSERB
3Dr. R. SatyanarayanaBioavailability enhancement studies of vitamin A conjugated with PiperineUGC
4Dr. K. PrameelaComparative study of microbial and chemical methods for extraction, purification and characterization of nutraceuticalsSERB (DST)
5Dr. K. Vasavi RamaGeneration of disease and insect resistant transgenic pigeon pea by over-expression of Tfgd2-RsAFP2 fusion geneDST
6Dr. K.V.N. SaibabaDesign and development of continuous flow packed bed reactor for the removal of    dyes from the textile industry effluentsUGC
7R. GopinadhStatistical experimental design based modeling and optimization of physicochemical, nutritional parameters and bioreactor type for production of citric acid and other commercially important metabolitesSERB (DST)
8R. GopinadhStatistical experimental designs for the optimization of medium constituents for the production of citric acid by submerged fermentation of mahua flower (Madhuca indica) from Aspergillus niger using response surface methodologyUGC
9Dr. I. Sarat BabuMathematical modeling and optimization for the production of Poly-B-Hydroxyhutyrate (PHB) using an indigenous microorganism isolated from industrial wastes of Visakhapatnam region.UGC
10Dr. R. K. SrivastavaProduction of 1-butanol from lignocellulose or sugarcane waste materials by using metabolically engineered strain of E.coliUGC
11Dr. Sk. Khasim BeebiMapping of demographic, environmental, behavioral, sociaeconomic and genetic factors for the cancer incidences in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra PradeshDST
12Dr. K.V.ChaitanyaSupercritical CO2 extraction and characterization of bioactive compounds from different Coleus species subjected to salinity stress.UGC
13Dr. Nasim AkhtarCallus and cell suspension optimization for anticancer secondary metabolite production from periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus L.),UGC
14Dr. B. SaradaOptimization of the process conditions for the purification of Ansamycins   in a fluidized bed. UGC
3. Publications with high impact factor journals (SCI Indexed)
  1. Kishore Kumar Kadimpati, Krishna Prasad Mondithoka, Sarada Bheemaraju, Venkata Ramachandra Murthy Challa. Studies on biosorption of Nickel using immobilized fungus, Rhizomucor tauricus. Bioresources, 2012. 7: 5059-5073. Impact Factor: 1.334.
  2. K. Deepthi, P.Umadevi, G.VijayaLakshmi, B.Vinod Polarao. Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Morinda tinctoria Roxb. leaf extracts. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. (2012)S1440-S1442 Impact Factor: 1.203
  3. Prameela KandraMurali Mohan ChallaHemalatha Kalangi Padma Jyothi. Efficient use of shrimp waste: present and future trends. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2012) 93: 17. Impact Factor: 3.376
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  5. K.Vasavirama, P.B.Kirti. Constitutive expression of fusion gene comprising Trigonella foenum-graecum defensin (Tfgd2) and Raphanus sativus antifunal protein (RsAFP2) confers enhanced disease and insect resistance in transgenic tobacco. Plant cell tissue and organ culture 2013, 115: 309-319. Impact Factor: 2.390
  6. Satyanarayana Rentala, Ramakrishna Chintala, Manohar Guda, Madhuri Chintala, Aruna Lakshmi Komarraju, Lakshmi Narasu Mangamoori. Atorvastatin inhibited Rho-associated kinase 1 (ROCK1) and Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) mediated adhesion and differentiation of CD133+ CD44+ prostate cancer stem cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2013.441:334-338. Impact Factor: 2.371
  7. B. Sarada & M. Krishna Prasad & K. Kishore Kumar & Ch.VR Murthy. Potential use of leaf biomass, araucaria heterophylla for removal of Pb+2. International Journal of Phytoremediation. 2013. 15, 756-773 Impact Factor: 2.085
  8. B. Sarada , M. Krishna Prasad, K. Kishore Kumar, Ch.V. Ramachandra Murthy. Cadmium removal by macro algae Caulerpa fastigiata: Characterization, kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2014. 2: 1533–1542 Impact Factor: 1.428
  9. Vasundhra Shukla, Prameela Kandra. development of physico chemical and sensory evaluation of natural nutra candy Journal of Food Science Technology, 2015. 52: 7535-7539. Impact Factor: 1.240
  10. D. Easwar Rao and K.V.Chaitanya. Photosynthesis and antioxidative defense mechanisms in deciphering drought stress tolerance of crop plants. A Review. Biologia Plantarum 2016. 60: 210-218. Impact Factor: 1.665

  Highly cited publications (Google scholar)

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4. Books
1. Talluri Sekhar. Bioanalytical Techniques. (2012). I.K.Publishers. ISBN 978-93-81141-70-0

2. K.V.Chaitanya. Cell and Molecular Biology: A Lab Manual. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, INDIA, 2013.  ISBN: 978-81-203-4800-4. 

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S. No.Name of the facultyInvention titlePatent particulars
File No.
1Prof. T. Sekhar and         Prof. R. SinhaAn immune chromatographic device for detection of tuberculosis using  a gamma interferon assayNRDC ref No# IPR/4.7.1/100 0/6/2011Filed
Ch. Murali MohanReusable bag for cultivating Entamopathogenic fungi. Filed
Dr. K. V Chaitanya
Prof. Sk. Khasim Beebi
Method for isolation and characterization of antioxidant protein from grape seeds. 1554/CHE/2015Request for examination date 26/03/2015, Publication date 30/09/2016
Dr. K.V. Chaitanya,  Prof.G. V. R.Sharma, Prof. Sk. Khasim BeebiIsolation and characterization of a novel flavonoid compound from the leaves of Plectranthus zelanicus with anti-cancer properties Filed
Dr. K.V. Chaitanya, Venkata Ramana G and  Prof. Sk. Khasim BeebiIsolation and characterization of a novel essential oil from the leaves of Plectranthus amboinicus variegatus with anti-fungal  properties. Filed
Dr. K.V. Chaitanya, and D. Easwar RaoNovel method for the extraction of stearic acid from “Shorea robusta” flower. Filed
 Dr. D. SarvamangalaMethod for production of ethanol from Muntingiya calabura. Indian Patent No. 260312Granted
Dr. D. SarvamangalaProcess for producing an amino acid.IPA No. 2496/CHE/2010Request for examination date: 15/05/2013, Publication date:22/03/2013
Dr. D.Sarvamangala, Dr. R. Satyanarayana, P.Nagasejitha and L.SrinivasAnti-tubercular drug nano-conjugatesIPA No. 2689/CHE/2015.Request for examination date: 31/07/2015, publication date:24/07/2015
10 Dr. D.Sarvamangala, Dr. R.Satyanarayana, U.S.Murthy and S. KonadaA novel growth media to maintain viability of human cataractous lens epithelial cellsIPA No. 201641005105.Request for examination date: 16/03/2016, publication date:25/03/2016.
11 Dr. D.Sarvamangala and Prof. G.V.R. SharmaNovel Herbal formulation with insect repellant activity Filed
12 Dr. R. Satyanarayana, Prof. K. Aruna Lakshmi,
A. Veerabrahmam
N. Radha krishna
A novel Bioconjugate of Iron

No. E-1/19439/CHE/2016

13 Dr. R. Satyanarayana
Prof. K. Aruna Lakshmi, M. Animisha, N. Radha krishna
A Novel Chemical Conjugation method to Increase Bioavailability of Vitamin A201641015018Filed
14 Dr. R Satyanarayana, Prof. K. Aruna Lakshmi, Prof. Ch. Ramakrishna3-D scaffold matrix for meat production201641015021Filed
15 Dr. R. Satyanarayana,
Prof. M Ramarao,
P. chinnababu
A novel three dimensional tumor angiogenesis model201641030142Filed
16 Dr. Sarat Babu ICantaloupe pulp (the novel substrate for the production of bioethanol in solid state fermentation using Saccharomces cerevisiae. Filed
17 Dr. Sarat Babu IPongamia oil Cake (The novel substrate for production of   L-Asparaginase using Yarrawia lipolytica NCIM 3472 Filed
Participation in international competitions

Top 20 rank in international competition by GUGITBIOTECH team

A team of students from the Department of Biotechnology, GIT, GITAM, under the guidance of Professor Talluri Sekhar participated in an International Competition on Protein Folding and Design conducted by University of Washington (USA) at and secured the top 20th rank in the Protein Folding and Protein Design categories on 7th February, 2017. They were ranked as the top 6th group in the beginner category.   Ravi Bhushan, Vamsi Krishna, Venkat Vijay, Kondepudi Gayatree, Anandita Saha and Saroja Rani were the six students with the highest scores in the team.