About Chemistry Department
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    Dr. Ganapavarapu Veera Raghava Sarma, M.Sc.,Ph.D
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    Professor-HOD, Chairperson, Board of Studies
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The department was established in 1980 in the college of Engineering as part of B.Tech programme to teach first year students basic applicable concepts of chemistry to engineering. The Curriculum is designed accordingly and updated from time to time.

The faculty members have been active in research. More than 200 research papers were published in reputed journals with an impact factor ranging from 0.7 to 4.8. The research focus has centered on synthesis and characterization of materials. So far twelve patents have been awarded and two patents were filed in this area in collaboration with Orchids Pharmaceuticals, Chennai. The faculty also guide M.Phil/Ph.D. Students. 20 Ph.D degrees and 17 M.Phil degrees were awarded under the guidance of our faculty. The department also offers consultancy services in the area of water analysis, Pharmaceuticals, alloys, fertilizer and food analysis. Faculty are also involved in the research projects sponsored by DST, UGC etc., and consultancy projects sponsored by industry. Some faculty members are also acting as resource persons in various conferences and seminars.

The department is actively involved in creating awareness among the neighbourhood on environmental issues benefiting the community.